Sunday, August 11, 2013

Presidential vacation

The Prez has arrived here on Martha's Vineyard for his summer vacation. Good for him; an earnest elected official who has to put up with being greeted by idiots singing "Bye, bye, Black Sheep" while traveling the country deserves to come somewhere he can escape crowds. Also, here he is among (mostly) friends.

I can attest that preparations to protect him are in full swing; there was a bored state trooper parked on the one of the remote woods roads where I ran on Saturday, not terribly far from the Prez' rental house.

Local activists have planted a few of these on the roads. Their hearts are in the right place -- and I know they wanted to preserve decorum because they say so -- but their message could be sharper. Obama is something of a miracle, but he is not going to "save the planet now." A concrete "Stop Keystone XL Pipeline" or even a hortatory "Lead against Global Warming" would have been more practical.

We need to demand of our leaders measures they are able to take -- and then make them do it.

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