Tuesday, August 27, 2013

U.S. to make war in Syria

People live there, you know.
As he often does Charles Pierce explains US policy in Syria cogently:
It looks as though the skids are properly greased, and the United States will be making some sort of war in Syria pretty soon. I say "making war in Syria" because that's different than going to war in Syria. We aren't sending troops. We're going to be sending cruise missiles and dropping bombs because that is how you make war without going to war and, if you make war without going to war, then it's a lot easier to pretend back home that you're not at war. Again.

…when you make war in a place, actual people die actual deaths. Fathers get killed. Children get killed. School buildings and hospitals fall down all around the people inside them. The message you are sending with your missiles gets just a trifle muddled. Make no mistake. If we strike, we will be making actual war in Syria. Ordinary Syrians will not see our missiles as "bomb-o-grams," telling them with every deadly explosion that we're really on their side. We will be another belligerent making their daily lives brutal and deadly, and there will be enough of them to hate us for that to guarantee that we will have to make more war in that place, or in some other place, very soon.

That is what we do now. We make war in a place without going to war in a place, and nobody is fooled except ourselves.
I find this so depressing that I have no more to say.


Rain Trueax said...

The media, including the left, is sure pushing it. I guess it's just another 'hot' story to them.

Hattie said...

I am so fed up. I've been thinking it's my meds, but maybe it is what is actually going on!