Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fun with Google

This silly exercise has been floating around the blogosphere. I'm ready to bite. You enter your first name and word "needs" in Google -- in my case "jan needs." Then you capture the first ten items (more or less) and list them on your blog. Here goes not much:

1. Jan needs a man. Like hell I do. What would I do with one of those?

2. Jan needs to be seen today. I seldom want to be seen; after all, being seen usually leads to interacting which leads to stress. And, nonetheless, most everything worth living for.

3. Jan needs to get a lot of new things for my new home. I don't need any more damn things; I have too many things now in a nice old home.

4. Jan needs a new desktop computer. Nope, I'm a laptop kind of gal.

5. Jan needs to go to bed sooner on weeknights. True. This blogging thing tempts me to act like a college sophomore with a late paper.

6. Jan needs critics. Absolutely. How else do I figure out what I'm doing? Not that I promise to like criticism, but I have spent a lifetime trying to learn how to sit still and listen.

7. Jan needs cancer databases. Not that I know of, thank goodness.

8. Jan needs help. Often. Jan also needs help accepting help.

9. Jan needs to be on order confirmation pages. Huh? I am not a business form.

10. Jan needs replacing. Hope not, though some days I could use some spare parts. Do they make replacement plantar fascias?

Thanks to SarahLaughed for the meme.

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