Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday cat blogging
There's a cat in that window

One of my first duties in the morning, after opening a food can and filling the water dish, is turning on the "cat TV" -- opening the living room curtains. Here's what Frisker looks like from outside once she's taken her perch.

Walking the neighborhood for miles these days, I've become aware of how often I serve as a cat diversion.

Not every cat has an unobstructed view. Not that this one seems to mind.

When a cat narrows its eyes like this one, do you think it believes it is invisible?

I suspect this one of knowing how pretty she is.

This one too.

This one was wary.

And I suspect the sphinx is used to being stared at -- and staring back.


Darlene said...

One admirable thing about cats is their curiosity. I'll bet those cats would love to get outside and chase something, but since they like comfort are probably contented to just watch.

Great photos, by the way.

Anne Vis said...

Aaww, how lovely! I'd love to accompany you on your walks ...! :-) It's one of my favorite hobbies to talk to cats, and behind the window it is just so cute to see how they open their mouth to say hi but you can't hear them because they are behind the glass ...
Where in SF did you take these pictures? It seems like you have many knors where you are?

Jane R said...

Love this series of photos!